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Coborn C3 Date?

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Coborn C3 Date?

Post by 200TDi on Mon Dec 01 2014, 10:02

does anyone have dating charts for the Coborn C3? mine is no 20127?

Cheers Very Happy

1999 Land Rover TD5 Discovery (previously 2x 1993 200TDi Discovery's and a 1965 Series 2a)
Coborn C3 - serial no 20127 - age thought to be around 1947/8.
Lister D Sheep Shearing Set - The D is Serial No 1/65855 (1951) so assume the s/set is the same age.
Petter A1 V/O 3hp@1500rpm - Serial 538215

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: Coborn C3 Date?

Post by blue cat on Mon Dec 01 2014, 19:37

No known dating guide available, but this will be late 1940's, 1948-1950.

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blue cat
A credit to the forum
A credit to the forum

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Re: Coborn C3 Date?

Post by tony old g on Thu Dec 04 2014, 14:57

Hi Guys, Coborn engines are not the best of engines to date, we think they first came out in the early 1930`s. The C1 was the first to be built, It`s the same as the C3 but with a cast iron piston. We think that 2910 C1s were made. We think that they stayed in production until some time in 1943 when the C3 was put into production, as the same time as the C1 was been built  they also built the C2 this is the same as the C6 but not many of this model have come to light, I know of one that was a few years ago just over the boarder in Scotland.
         The C3 and C6 were still in production until the mid 1950`s when production was stopped, and all spares parts were sold to Petters who after some time sold every thing on to some one else and all the paperwork was binned.
As to the date of your engine ,I don't know? All I can say the two C3`S I had were numbers 23611 that dates from between 1952/3  and 22247 dates from 1949/50.
all 3 Coborns I had were sold on about eight or nine years ago. So the notes I made then I have a job making any sence  of them.
The company that made the Coborn engine either changed hands or changed name quite a few times during the years.
Hope this is of some help, Philip Gallimore has more information on this engine his address can be found in the S.E mag.
regards Tony

tony old g
Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: Coborn C3 Date?

Post by Sponsored content

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