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lister cs 6/1 belt

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lister cs 6/1 belt

Post by paulji on Tue Dec 02 2014, 20:17

Hi all
I have recently been given the above engine. Thought it was seized but it wasn't, it was water above and below the piston, let the water go and it seems ok. It had a frost crack which I have welded up as welding is my job also it had a stuck exhaust valve. All the problems mentioned are sorted. The problem I have is that this engine is rad cooled and the drive belt has rotted away so I don't know the size. I have looked in the handbook and it does not tell you the size. Could anyone let me know the size PLEASE. THANKYOU
I really need to post more
I really need to post more

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Re: lister cs 6/1 belt

Post by Villiers on Tue Dec 02 2014, 20:19

If you have a look here...


Add the pulley sizes and center measurement then go here...


You should be sorted.
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