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Petter AA1 diesel

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Petter AA1 diesel

Post by harveys dad on Fri Dec 05 2014, 20:06

Taken on a little Petter AA1 as a beginner. A few things that I think need doing and if anybody has any advice on how to go about doing them it would be greatly appreciated.

•Fuel tank removed- used marbles & water to remove as much rust as possible inside but think it needs lining.

•Oil filter removed and oil drained and discarded, came out real thick and gloopy black.

•Injector removed, dismantled and cleaned. Hopefully this will be sufficient???

•Air filter removed- only had metal plate and wire mesh disc, no filter.

•Fuel pump half removed & cleaned but couldn't get the main body off the 3 studs on engine?

•All pipes removed and will get all but injector pipe remade in bundy tube at work (one advantage working for Pirtek).

•Now wandering whether to remove cylinder head, valves, sump, piston etc to clean further as the other parts were pretty filthy and after all the cleaning so far it would be a shame to put it back together only to drag more crap through the clean parts.

When I first got the engine a couple of times it almost started, there was compression aswell which I think was good.

Thanks for reading;if you mangd to get this far?

harveys dad
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Born to be wild

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Re: Petter AA1 diesel

Post by StewartH on Mon Dec 08 2014, 14:00

Sounds lke you are well on your way to a complete restoration - for my money I would go ahead and remove the head, sump etc as you say the gunk in their may be full of swarf or worse so you could do a lot worse than clean these parts as well..

Good luck and enjoy!

Throw some pics this way when you can.


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