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Miss March

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Miss March

Post by RAB on Mon Feb 02 2015, 20:03

Hi all,

Congratulations to Foden for winning the vote for Miss February.

Many thanks to all that that took the time and posted an entry and placing a vote.

This month I think we will have Petter Engines as a theme.

Anyone who has a picture that they wish to put forward for this month, please post it here and we can have a vote on it.

It can also be an implement that is being driven by an engine if you wish ie, a water pump, corn crusher and that type of thing. But it needs to show the whole display.

Over the last few months weve had a few more new members join, It would be nice to see some of the engines or engine displays that you have got so please feel free to post and we look forward to seeing your stuff.

I know posting a pic here is not the easiest so i have posted a link on how to post pics below:-


Can I also ask that the pics are of the landscape way and not a portrait way

Hope thats of use to all.


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3hp Appletop

Post by EarlBathurst on Mon Feb 02 2015, 21:05

Here is our 3 hp Appletop at Northleach 2014 rally on the Saturday night with the full moon!

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Re: Miss March

Post by Foden on Mon Feb 02 2015, 21:54

My 1947 A1 and Stuart pump.


Too much to do, and so little time!!

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1947 petter a

Post by earlsinclare on Tue Feb 03 2015, 07:07


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Re: Miss March

Post by Sponsored content Today at 08:46

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