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Lister D type 1931

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Lister D type 1931

Post by astrocreep2000 on Thu Feb 12 2015, 19:51

Although I am quite a way into the restoration, I thought you guys might be interested in the D type that I am doing at the moment.

Its a 1931 shaft driven mag. I purchased it a couple of years ago with 13 (yes,13 !) other D types. The others we're played with and moved on but I decided to keep this one as it was the earliest . Although their was a few parts missing namely petrol tank and brackets, magneto and bracket, and exhaust my luck was in when I managed to acquire a virtually complete one in parts for £25 !

The magneto had to be repaired but is like brand new now. I had the three quarter inch exhaust flange so I made a new pipe and then had the new silencer fitting reduced down to fit, hardly noticeable but I know its correct.

Now having all the parts that I needed the restoration could begin.

The first thing we (my Dads involved too) noticed was that, although it was in a poor state, it had fairly decedent compression. On removing the head ,we saw that both valves and seats we're very clean. Also, the top of the piston and the bore was spotless. We can only assume that this work was done many years ago but the engine was never reassembled or run again.

Our luck soon ran out when we discovered that, on removing the piston, the big end and small end shells we're badly worn so a new bid end shell was purchased and the small end shell was made.

All other mechanical parts seem OK so now we've got to the cleaning up and painting. The engine was sold to E All man of Birdham to go on one of their sprayer sets and we assumed that that was when it was given a coat of red paint. There are traces of green underneath and even a Lister transfer. It will be painted red again and a suitable Allman transfer fitted. The cleaning up process should have been a relatively quick one as my Dad is retired and he usually does it as soon as required but he is not too well at the moment and it falls to me to do that and the painting. The main casings have now been stripped and undercoated and that's where we are in the restoration.

Planning ahead, I have (hopefully) located an original trolley for it to go on.

Will keep you posted on progress if you guys are interested. Also, I have loads of photos but I'm working from a tablet and I can't suss out how to upload them. Can anyone help ?


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Re: Lister D type 1931

Post by Woodsman on Sun Feb 15 2015, 11:16

I had same problem with 'Host an image'.
Try creating yourself an account on Photobucket, load the images there then click the image to get the share links top right. Click the Direct link to copy the url to clipboard then use the Insert an image your post. Hope this helps.

Regards Paul
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Re: Lister D type 1931

Post by stationary stu on Sun Feb 15 2015, 17:18

I've always used photo bucket without any problems.


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Re: Lister D type 1931

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