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Villiers MK.10

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Villiers MK.10

Post by WashingtonThwackhurst on Wed May 20 2015, 17:24

Hello all,

I'm new to this forum so I apologise if I haven't conformed to the right rules or ticked the right boxes.
My query relates to an old Villiers MK.10 that's been sat at the back of our garage for some time. It came out of an old cement mixer that we sent for scrap a fair few years ago. I kept the engine because I wanted it as a project to keep me occupied and also because I thought it would be nice to preserve some British engineering that worked! Anyway, long story short, my enquiries are thus:

1. In the process of dismantling it, and I'm having difficulty with removing the flywheel. I'm a bit confused about how you remove the centre bolt. I managed to get it loose, but a few turns in each direction and it tightens up again. I don't want to end up breaking anything so I was wondering if anyone could explain or help. Am I going about it the wrong way?

2. At some point in the past, the engine has been dismantled by someone else (probably the builder who owned the mixer) and the engine's had some botched jobs done to keep it running. This includes damage to the magneto backplate outer rim (nothing too major) and the carburetor bowl has been sealed at the top with some sort of strong putty that's rock hard (this I can deal with later). But I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for spare parts like a new backplate/air filter etc, seeing as the one i've got is rusted beyond service.

I'll try and post photos at some stage.

Thanks for your help,



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Re: Villiers MK.10

Post by Foden on Wed May 20 2015, 17:36

Hi Phil, regarding the flywheel they are self extracting. When the nut tightens again just carry on undoing it (you may have to hammer the spanner!) and it will then go lose again and draw the flywheel off with it. You will lose the ignition timing but there will be plenty of advice to sort that out when the time comes to reassemble it all. Villiers parts are easy to come by as well, I have a few scrap bits around and so will other folk so you wont be stuck for parts. Smile


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Re: Villiers MK.10

Post by rich07961 on Wed May 20 2015, 19:08

Hi Phil, if you need new parts try these, which carb has it got may have a filter for you and again the back plate what coil and points does it have, I only ask as different year different parts, perhaps when your able upload some photo's of what you need or post in wanted section. As Pete said there are few folks out there to help with parts.


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Re: Villiers MK.10

Post by Chippie on Thu May 21 2015, 09:34

I have a spare mag backplate.....

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Re: Villiers MK.10

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