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Lister Domestic pump

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Lister Domestic pump

Post by RAB on Thu Aug 13 2009, 02:27

Hi i do not no much about pumps can anyone tell me the size of the delivery hole on a domestic pump, any help would be brill cyclops


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Re: Lister Domestic pump

Post by Statman on Wed Aug 19 2009, 18:13

Well if it helps they usually take 22mm water pipe!

Ring up Amos pumps or PFS of helston

PFS is 01326 565454 and is situated at Water ma trout Helston
Amos is 01326 573341 and is situated at Wendron Helston

If not just take it to your nearest plumbers place apperently there is one around threemilestone?

Hope this helps

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Re: Lister Domestic pump

Post by stationary stu on Wed Aug 19 2009, 18:19

Most plumbers or DIY stores will stock 22mm in brass, but if you want cast iron fitting you need a large plumbing centre.


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stationary stu
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Post by BRASSO on Thu Aug 20 2009, 07:31

Hi Ryan,
I assume you are meaning the inlet and outlet holes?
If so you will find that it is a 3/4 BSP into the pump and 22mm compression for the pipe.
You can get the 90* bends and straights ect. that fit the pumps in most plumbing shops, but I find FWB down @ Threemilestone, Truro are the most helpful. They stock almost everything you would want in BSP sizes.
I do have an exploded working drawing of a domsetic pump as well, which you might find handy. It has all of the original lister part numbers on it and very handy when visiting Amos pumps down at Helston for parts.
I can post this onto the site if it is of use to you.


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Re: Lister Domestic pump

Post by Sponsored content

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