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fowler serial no location help

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fowler serial no location help

Post by jcstuckinmuck on Tue Aug 04 2015, 14:44

Hi not had to much luck with this engine, does anybody know where I can locate the serial no on the fowler p series engine, as the plate is missing,cheers john

Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: fowler serial no location help

Post by fowlerfan on Thu Aug 06 2015, 21:08

Hi, You should find the serial number and the model number i.e 1PAL, 1PAM. 1PAH stamped on the flywheel rim near enough opposite the keyway. If you give the rim a polish up with emery it should hopefully reveal what you are looking for. If you find it post it up and I can give an approx date.
Cheers Dave
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A true Stationary engine owner

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