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Lister A hopper model valve caps removal

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Lister A hopper model valve caps removal

Post by rich07961 on Sat Aug 29 2015, 15:51

Hi all I have decided to give my A 16 a decoke but am not getting very far with removing the valve caps nut in hopper, I have tried heating with blow torch, I have had it running for about 2 hrs to heat it up
but with steel bar and stilsons and 15 lb sledge hammer they will not budge, so looking for ideas on what to try next. Regards Richard

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Re: Lister A hopper model valve caps removal

Post by Woodsman on Mon Aug 31 2015, 08:39

Hi Richard,

The three 'P's of nut removal. Propane, Plus Gas and Patience.
The latter is needed in greatest quantity. Took us three weeks of daily application to finally free up a Villiers flywheel. Good luck

Regards Paul
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