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Looks like I bought a Lister D

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Looks like I bought a Lister D

Post by ray fisher on Fri Jan 22 2016, 21:12

Well i won the ebay auction and i'm waiting for the seller to contact me so I can arrange collection and payment.
It was described as "in running condition" so I will check it runs before I part with my hard earned cash but are there any hidden pitfalls I need to look out for seeing as I'm new to this game?

ray fisher
Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: Looks like I bought a Lister D

Post by fowlerfan on Fri Jan 22 2016, 23:02

Buying a Lister D is a good start as if it is complete and a runner then its half the battle. Might be worth checking it comes with a starting handle, and handy if it comes with a pulley.
I it runs then it can be assumed the mag has some life left in it. First thing I would do would be remove the petrol tank and give it a real good clean out with stones and soapy water followed by a wash out with some petrol. Then open up the crankcase door and drain any oil and give the inside a clean with paraffin and a paint brush. Let all the residue wash out and then oil everything well and re-fill with fresh SAE30. Nothing worse than folk getting a 'new' engine and then running them for prolonged periods and then discovering the oil is like tar....!

Might be worth investing in a couple of spare spark plugs, Champion D16s are cheap and easy to get. Also if the engine has one of those car type plug attachments, throw it away and get a proper brass terminal as those suppressor type caps aren't great for magneto coils.

While you are waiting get David Edgington's Lister D story book, and a copy of the manual - essential reading...!

Am sure there is more but that would be the basics..... Very Happy

A true Stationary engine owner
A true Stationary engine owner

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Re: Looks like I bought a Lister D

Post by Nixie on Mon Jan 25 2016, 19:00

I second the comment about the plug lead. In my experience suppressor type caps will always cause you problems.

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Born to be wild

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Re: Looks like I bought a Lister D

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