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Lister D cylinder head skim.

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Lister D cylinder head skim.

Post by chris54-bikes on Wed Jan 27 2016, 11:50

Hi,  Does anyone know the maximum permissible skim you can do on a D head ?
In one corner of mine is a run-off and I can get a 6 thou feeler under it, its only in a small area and dos"nt look like its where anyone as damaged it in the past removing the head, its more like erosion  !!
If anyone"s any info would be nice  ?
cheers,  Chris. Question
ps,   its not in any areas around the piston bore and everywhere else is nice and flat. 
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Born to be wild

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Re: Lister D cylinder head skim.

Post by Villiers on Thu Jan 28 2016, 11:16

Head gasket should take that up ok. Use a proper composite gasket and it should be fine, if you do go down the skimming road then 6 thou should be enough.
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