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Bamford Air Cooled Value?

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Bamford Air Cooled Value?

Post by BAC on Fri May 20 2016, 21:16


can anybody give me a rough idea of the value of a Bamford 2HP Air cooled hit n miss engine, complete but requiring restoration. I have the chance to buy one but not really sure what I should offer for it? Is there anything in particular I should look out for before making an offer?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Bamford Air Cooled Value?

Post by kevjhnsn on Thu Jun 30 2016, 00:57

1. is it complete enough for you to restore it to running, parts are very hard to source for bamfords as a hole
2. price is as always as much as the man with the wallet is happy to pay for it
3. value as above as there is no guide prices to many of the engines,unless there common to find
4. watch out for the magneto bracket as they can be cracked easy and repaired badly ,also if has a horseshoe magneto make sure it has a good shoe no welds or cracks in it and hope it has enough magnitism to hold a 13mm nut

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Re: Bamford Air Cooled Value?

Post by blue cat on Thu Jun 30 2016, 18:53

This might help give you an idea of value, but a lot depends on condition, where it is in the country and what might need doing to it to get it to run.


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Re: Bamford Air Cooled Value?

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