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new blogger

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new blogger

Post by langfeld@sctelco.net.au on Mon Jun 20 2016, 00:13

hello all ross nankivell here i am enjoying this site of like mined people i have several engine

3 wolseley various hp
5 j.a.p motors 2a model 6
1 air cooled 7 hp ronny
4 wolseley cars 6/99 24/80 two wols 6 front wheel drives

1 austin 1800

1 austin kimberley
my latest find is a little farmers boy rotary hoe can anyone tell me where the are made

regards ross
i am in the goulburn valley victoria australia


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Re: new blogger

Post by StewartH on Mon Jun 20 2016, 09:00

Hello Ross,

A big welcome to the forum - you are not alone in Australia as far as ownership of the farmers boy how goes - on this forum you can search and you'll find Gareth Blackstock from Ararat who likes to chase his around the garden! - you have a great collection there - feel free to make the rest of us jealous by posting a few pics of your work if you want.

Best wishes


A credit to the forum
A credit to the forum

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