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Downsizing the collection: Villiers Mk40 and Norman T300

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Downsizing the collection: Villiers Mk40 and Norman T300

Post by Gubble1234 on Thu Jul 06 2017, 11:43

Hi all, its been a while since I've been on here. Uni and work have meant I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to work on my engines. I've decided to keep hold of my favorites and move some unfinished projects on.

I have for sale a Norman T300. It currently has the carb and both heads off from when I reseated the valves and cleaned out all the spiders webs. As far as I know, all it needs to get it running is to be put back together, an oil gauge fitted, some oil and some petrol. There was a slight bit of damage when I bought the engine, one of the 4 feet have broken off. However, this shouldn't affect running or mounting to a base as the other three are intact.

Also for sale I have a Villiers Mk40. This engine I have had running. It's still a bit dirty and could do with a good clean. When I got it we got the head and flywheel off, reseated the valves and I believe fitted a new coil. It has the fan shroud but no fuel tank as I believe it was part of a bigger piece of machinery?

As far as price goes, I'm not looking for much for either of them. I'd just rather they went to someone on this forum that is passionate about engines like myself. I'll be traveling down from Newcastle to Leeds in the next week or so so I'm happy to deliver them to anywhere on the route.

Feel free to message me an offer if you're interested.


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A true Stationary engine owner

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