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any one know?

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any one know?

Post by Carpmanjay on Mon Mar 25 2013, 20:25

i saw this at the FMPS show nr sudbury a couple of years ago. i like the way the gearing could be exposed and the oil was lifted up to lubricate the shaft. does anyone know what pump it is?

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Re: any one know?

Post by kevjhnsn on Tue Mar 26 2013, 23:25

i had one for a weekend and sold it again
as didnt think i would get an engine slow enough to run it or the style pump needed for it to work Embarassed
Sad have the amanco now and a bellows/sludge water lifter pump
its a deep well pump mechanically motion head
for a leather/rubber diaphram, like the old bellow hand pumps it just has a shaft in the bottom to lift and lower the bellow/diaphram
it has oil slip ring oiler system and the gears lifts the oil also but not a high enough speed to fling/splash oil to bearings ect so the slip ring lube the rest
just the tin cover missing in pic with in my case had a plate "worthingtons pumps whitchurch.shropshire " 10-15 yrs ago my dad bought one the same make but triple system and a three man lift ,just for the head and the base casting with the bellows in ,just as heavy again " we sold that up at pickering rally 1 mnth later as it was going through the scrapyard ,and it had to be saved
ther maybe other makers of this style pump as its such a simple and efficant design of the times

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