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New member with an AS

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New member with an AS

Post by petethebear2 on Wed Jul 17 2013, 12:49

Hi to everyone,
These forum things are new to me as are stationery engines, but for the moment I have purchased a Marinised (by parsons gearboxes) Armstrong Siddley 3 cylinder engine which is crated. All we had to do to get her running was rebuild the lift pump apply alot of grunt and apply a couple of squirts of that stuff called easy start(not my idea) and away she went a little jumpy but away she went. So you could say i have a running stationery engine.
Once we confirmed she was a runner we set about on an overhaul. Out came the injectors and injector pumps off came all the covers and the sump. These are currently being refurbished and polished.
What we would like to know now is the paint scheme on build. I see there has been some discussion previously on paint schemes but the table linked to does not list Armstrong Siddley. To confuse things we have been informed that Armstrong siddley used a fawn colour and two different blues but on top of this many of the AS2 i have seen are green.
Can anybody help!!


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Re: New member with an AS

Post by stagedamager on Sat Nov 02 2013, 10:51

Ours is red, although not original, it looks great. How is yours coming along, are you putting it in a boat??


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