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New member. Villiers Mk25.

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New member. Villiers Mk25.

Post by Stepto on Sun Oct 04 2015, 19:02

Hi there. Just a quick intro and a few questions regarding my Villiers. I've had it for a week now and have stripped it down as it was in a terrible state. I know it's a common engine and not that interesting but I want to do a good job of it. It looks like it has been used as a plough or anchor in the past! It really is that dirty. I've been cleaning and checking it over. I only paid a tenner for it so didn't expect much......

Good points.....
It looks in good condition inside. No scoring or damage to piston or cylinder.
The 6:1 gearbox is mint.
It's complete except for the guard for the fan.
The oil that came it of the sump/box looked OK.

Bad bits.....
It's so dirty!
The tinware is battered.
The fuel tank is full of rust.
There was about two tablespoons of coke in the cylinder.
The exhaust manifold bolts won't budge.
About 100 spiders are now homeless.
I'm down £10.

I hope it will be a runner soon. Can't see any problems yet.
Should I stick to sae30 oil in sump and gearbox?
Do I fill the gearbox to the lower plug? Doesn't seem much oil?
Does colour matter? Not a fan of shiny green modern paint.
Should the block be bare metal? Can't see any signs that it's been painted.
Why the gearbox? What might it have been used for?

Kindest regards,
Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Re: New member. Villiers Mk25.

Post by StewartH on Tue Oct 06 2015, 10:40

Nice one Steve - for a £10 note you cant go too wrong as I like your style - it may not be the rarest of engines but a job worth doing is worth doing right as they say.....

There are a fair few Villiers experts on here who will help you - keep bothering us all until you get your answers!

Let us know how you get on - send a few pics when you can perhaps??


A credit to the forum
A credit to the forum

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Re: New member. Villiers Mk25.

Post by chiefy on Wed Oct 14 2015, 09:12

Hi, Steve, Welcome to the forum,I am currently working on 2 x MK25s there are guys on here who have tons of knowledge and are willing to share it,Villiers engines may be common but they are well built the only down side is the flywheel magneto apart from that they are a tough engine.Best wishes Keith.

A true Stationary engine owner
A true Stationary engine owner

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Re: New member. Villiers Mk25.

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