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Member request

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Member request

Post by RAB on Wed Apr 27 2011, 19:48

Hi all,

Below is a PM that i got from ironsides (Norm) Is there anyone out there that can help the chap?

Norm, if you have any pics could you post them please bud, will make things a lot easier, Ive put the link for up loading pics below.



rab,many thanks.I am usually active on Smokstak,however I am having trouble identifying a recent aquasition.On the maggy it states Norton Villiers,however it surely looks like a model 5 JAP may well have been one of the change over models when they bought JAP.In early days we had many JAP smaller engines on and around our farm,mainly 2s as fire fighters with Alcon pumps--good little units could move water and keep doing it.Did not like the neglect that tends to happen during winter when they were stored in the shearing shed,(grated floors damp air etc).When summer and the bushfires arrived they would break that funny little "rocker" that moves the valves,all the best,Norm


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Re: Member request

Post by mike d on Thu Apr 28 2011, 10:49

hi norm..
i would have thought it was one for the one and only shankin giant..aka STEVE...
hope this helps you...

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mike d
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Re: Member request

Post by matt86 on Thu Apr 28 2011, 16:11

that is defently a Steve question Very Happy


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Re: Member request

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 29 2011, 07:44

Off the top of my head....a 4/444 H2, which was a Villiers JAP mash up.

Not seen a complete one, Villiers parts has a pic of a a incomplete one

If not I could be a C45

Cheers Steve


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Re: Member request

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