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lucas sr1 and rs1 interchangeable parts??

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lucas sr1 and rs1 interchangeable parts??

Post by callum12 on Thu Jun 12 2014, 23:32

hi all,
my lucas sr1 magneto's cam is extremely scored. (hence why i'm trying to source a replacement) but i do have the original rs1 magneto. the bearings are shot ect on it but the cam looks very good. is it possible to fit the rs1 cam on the sr1 magneto and rotor shaft?
even if it does fit i have found a small problem: the lucas rs1 used a fibre (felt) brush that is saturated with oil to keep the cam lubricated. But the sr1 uses a cast iron, oil impregnated cam, so it doesn't have the felt brush for lubrication. fortunately this is easily remedied for me since i use a 'bright spark magneto easy cap' instead of the original condenser, meaning i have loads of space to drill and tap a hole for the brush if needs be.
either that or i'll just make it part of my oil routine!

thanks for any help,

Callum Very Happy 
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