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Lister D Age.

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Lister D Age.

Post by Stingray on Wed Jan 16 2013, 15:41

Hi All

I need some help on two Lister D type engines.
Can someone help me to identify the age.

1.= 11656 DK2
2 HP and 1100 RPM

2.= 5790 DHZ5
1.5 HP an700 RPM

Raymond Schoeman
south Africa.
Born to be wild
Born to be wild

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Lister D Dates

Post by bencam43 on Wed Jan 16 2013, 20:24

Hi Raymond, your Lister D S/No 11656 DK2 is approx Sept/Oct 1952 and the K means it runs on KEROSENE.
Lister D S/No 5790 DHZ5 is approx Aug 1955 and the Z means thait is REVERSE ROTATION
I hope this is of some use, should you want to know their actual sale date and who they were
sold to, you could Email David Edgington at [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] and he should be
able to give you more details.. Best Regards Bill.
A true Stationary engine owner
A true Stationary engine owner

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