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The origin of the motor

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The origin of the motor

Post by bartosz9670 on Mon Jun 06 2011, 11:45

Hi, if anyone has suffered from such an engine? I only know that it is the engine with a capacity of 250 cm3. The absence of any numbers or characters. Apparently, this may be the BMW engine but no one is sure ... please help



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Re: The origin of the motor

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 06 2011, 16:02

I have seen one..

Many years ago at the West of England steam show, I cant remember what it is and it was a time before I could afford a Camera.

This is a similar engine, if not the same.


I cant quite remember what the gentleman told me about them, would have remembered if he said BMW, Think it was something being with D, but as it was 6 years + ago my mind is drawing a blank.

Was very nice and ran lovely, tried to liberate it lol

Cheers Steve


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