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Lighting Display

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Re: Lighting Display

Post by Abes on Tue Mar 20 2012, 21:04

Kept a eye on this has now ended, 300 quid for a bl**dy ice cream cone your having a laugh lol

stationary stu wrote:I found this on ebay, now this would make a good lighting display lol! lol!


The same seller also has some chimes for sale if you want to pi** off the local kids lol! lol! lol! lol!


affraid A stationary engine is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it but only you get that nice warm feeling: affraid


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Re: Lighting Display

Post by stationary stu on Wed Mar 21 2012, 10:48

And it doesn't even taste to good lol! lol! lol!


Engines are just like Pringles .... one is never enough.  Very Happy                                        I used to love tractors all I would ever think/talk about. Then one day out of the blue I went on to statinary engines, So you could say I'm an extractor fan.

stationary stu
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